1. My company wishes to apply for the membership, who can I contact?

You may want to contact the Sales Department of the hotel you most frequently use, or email: enquiry@mncrewards.com. Alternatively you can also register online via the M&C Rewards website at www.mncrewards.com

2. Is there a membership/subscription fee?

There is no membership fee to join M&C Rewards.

3. What is the minimum qualification?

No minimum qualification is required. However, M&C Rewards reserves the right to amend the qualifying criteria at our discretion.

4. What is the validity of the Membership?

Membership is valid for 36 months (three rolling years). M&C Rewards reserves the right to amend the validity at our discretion.

5. What are the benefits of the programme?

Members will be able to earn points through their qualifying room or corporate event bookings both locally and overseas at our participating hotels and redeem these points against a host of accommodation and dining privileges. They will also enjoy a 15% dining discount at any of the hotel operated food and beverage outlets when they produce their M&C Rewards membership card as well as exclusive invitations to events and activities.

6. Is this membership a company's membership or personal membership?

This is a company membership where points earned will be intended for the company's use. However, each membership is registered under individual member's name. Each member will be assigned a unique membership number.

7. Why must a written consent by the company be obtained?

This is to confirm that your company is aware of your participation in the programme and has authorised you to submit hotel bookings and make redemptions on behalf of the Company.

8. Why do I need to provide a valid email address?

A valid email address is needed as most of our news, promotions, special offers, updates, invitations to events etc, will be sent via email to all members.

9. Where do I get the membership number?

An activation email with the membership number will be sent to the registered email address. A password will also be provided to log onto our website using your Email address.

10. How soon will I get the membership card?

All qualified members will be processed and members will receive their welcome packs within 4 to 6 weeks.

11. I have a few colleagues making bookings using the same membership number. How many membership cards will be issued?

Each company is allowed multiple membership accounts where each membership account is assigned a unique membership number and is applicable for one member. However, in the event that it is the members' company policy to be allowed one membership account, a shared membership account can be arranged upon written request to M&C Rewards.

12. How can I make sure that points are credited to my account?

Members are urged to inform the reservation staff of their membership number whenever they place bookings with participating hotels and to keep records of their bookings for at least two months.

13. How often are points updated?

Based on the check-out dates of the guests, points are updated on the around the 15th of the following month.

14. Where can I check my points? Will a monthly statement be sent to me?

Members can check their latest points via the M&C Rewards website www.mncrewards.com using their Email address and Passwords. No physical statement will be sent to members.

15. Who shall I contact should I find discrepancy in my points?

Please drop us an email at enquiry@mncrewards.com indicating your name, membership number, company, guests’ names, hotel stayed in, check-in/out dates and confirmation number (if any).

16. Can I request for backdating of my points?

Strictly no backdating of points for new membership applications. For existing members, only missing bookings up to the last 3 months or the start of membership date is allowed.

17. My guest was upgrade to a Club Room during his recent visit, but points credited was for Superior/Deluxe Room. Why?

Due to room availability, your guest may have been offered a free room upgrade if his/her room was unavailable at time of check-in. Points are awarded based on the room type confirmed and charged.

18. I have just received my welcome package and noticed that I have no points in my account. Why is this so?

New memberships will start accumulating points from a base of zero. We regret that retroactive claims will not be permitted for new applications.

19. Is there an expiry to my points?

Yes, all points earned are valid for 24 months from the month of award or until membership expiry, whichever is sooner.

20. My points were being forfeited, can I have them reinstated?

No, all forfeited points will not be reinstated.

21. Can I combine points with my colleague?

No, the points strictly belong to the owner of the membership card.

22. My company had an event at your hotel. Why have points not been credited to my account?

To claim missing points, please forward a copy of the event invoice to Customer Care by email or fax us at +65 6235 4138. Points will be updated into your account within three (03) working days. Please note that points will only be credited for those events with a minimum spent of SGD750/USD450/RMB6,000 (before taxes) or equivalent.

23. Will I get points if bookings were made via third party website or company?

We regret that points will not be awarded for room bookings made through third party websites. All bookings must be made through the Millennium Hotels & Resorts website or direct with the hotels.

24. If I forgot to quote M&C Rewards membership number while making a booking, will the points be accumulated automatically?

No, bookings will not be credited into members' accounts. We urge all members to quote their membership numbers whenever they make bookings with our hotels.

25. How do I redeem my points?

Members are encouraged to make their redemptions online.

26. When will I receive my redemption?

Your redemption voucher will be mailed to you at your registered address within three weeks.

27. What is the validity of the vouchers for both hotel and retail outlets?

All hotel-related vouchers will have a validity of six (06) months, while other non-hotel-related vouchers will be governed by respective dates (up to 3 months) which will be stated within the vouchers.

29. Where can I get my Login details?

Your password will be provided to you via email upon successful registration. Your Login ID will be your email address. For re-issuance of Membership Number and Password, please send request to enquiry@mncrewards.com, email will be sent to you. Alternatively, you may click on “Forgotten your password?” to receive a new password.

30. Will my transaction details or redemptions be disclosed to any of my colleagues/superiors?

All Members' information and transactions will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to others without prior the members' acknowledgement.

31. I had resigned from my company; will I be able to retain my membership and transfer to the new company?

No, the membership account will be closed once you resign from the Company. You will need to re-apply for the membership. A new membership number will be issued to you.