Terms & Conditions


  1. "MCIL" means Millennium & Copthorne International Limited (UEN no: 199600354R).
  2. "Company" means the company registered, by MCIL, as a member participating in the Programme.
  3. "Participating Hotel" means any hotel which is for the time being designated by MCIL in writing as a hotel which is covered under the Programme.
  4. "Points" means rewards points awarded by MCIL under the Programme.
  5. "Programme" means M&C Rewards Membership Programme operated by MCIL from time to time.
  6. "Member" means any person whose application has been accepted by MCIL and who is subject to these Terms and Conditions (as defined below), including without limitation the membership terms set out in Section 2 below, and “Members” means each or all of the Members of the Programme (as applicable).
  7. "Membership" means membership of the Programme.
  8. "Qualifying Room Rate" means room rates for an overnight stay at a Participating Hotel at the eligible rate. Non-eligible room rates includes but not limited to:
    • Complimentary rooms
    • Room rates in conjunction with airline and/or travel industry discounts;
    • Room rates of airline crew members paid by the airline;
    • Room rates for Group conventions/ Wholesale rates;
    shall not qualify as a Qualifying Room Rate.
    Qualifying Room Rates excludes gratuities, concierge and other hotel incidentals and non-hotel expenditures booked and paid for through the Participating Hotel.
  9. "Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions as may be amended by MCIL from time to time


  1. Subject to Condition 2b, any company incorporated in the participating country/hotels may apply to be a participating member in the Programme.
  2. Travel agents and any other companies who earn commission are not eligible to participate in the Programme.
  3. The Company shall nominate Members who shall be duly authorised by the Company to submit hotel bookings on behalf of the Company.
  4. The Member represents and warrants in respect of the Programme that: (i) he/she is duly authorised by the Company to act for and on behalf of the Company, and that all permissions and requisite internal approvals from the Company have been obtained by the Member; and (ii) all Company’s policies shall be complied with at all time. The Member undertakes to keep the Company aware of the Points obtained under the Programme.
  5. Each member is solely responsible for ensuring that they have, at all times, the necessary qualifications and meet all relevant requirements (including those hereto) to sign-up and participate in the Programme, and in particular:
    • any Member which is a corporate entity should obtain all necessary internal approvals and authorisation from its Board and/or Management;
    • any Member which is an individual should have the legal capacity in the jurisdiction of his/her residence to enter into an agreement and/or participate in the Programme; and/or
    • any Member should, at all times, obtain and maintain all necessary approvals, licences and/or permits required at law in the country of its residence.
    In particular, some employers or corporate bookers, by policy, may prohibit or restrict their employees’ participation in the Programme, and MCIL assumes no responsibility or liability for compliance with such policies. Members are responsible for complying with any applicable terms and conditions of their employment, their employers’ internal policies and procedures, and any other rules or regulations to which they are subject.
  6. Acceptance of the sign-up and granting of the Membership shall not be deemed to be (i) an endorsement by MCIL and/or Participating Hotels that such Member has such necessary qualifications and/or meet all such relevant requirements; or (ii) a waiver by MCIL and/or Participating Hotels of this condition. If at any time the representation sets out in clause 2d. is not valid, the Member shall immediately notify MCIL to cancel Membership and such Member shall also immediately cease using the Programme.
  7. In the event that any part of the Programme (including without limitation the rewarding and redemption of Points) is prohibited by any applicable law or regulations, or if the Member’s representation under 2d. is incorrect or misleading, MCIL shall be entitled to elect (at its sole discretion) the suspension, termination, replacement or alteration of the Programme (wholly or in part) in such country for the purposes of compliance. MCIL and the Participating Hotels shall not be liable to the Members who are affected by such suspension, termination, replacement or alteration (as the case may be). Such affected Members agree to waive any and all claims against MCIL and the Participating Hotels arising from such suspension, termination, replacement or alteration (as the case may be). This Clause shall survive the rejection of any membership application or termination of any membership under the Programme.
  8. M&C Rewards Memberships are issued on a three (3)-year basis. For re-qualification at the end of the three (3)-year membership, Member must fulfil a minimum of SGD1,500 room revenue over the period of their membership. Please refer to notices posted on www.mncrewards.com or to other Programme communication, whichever applicable, for latest updates.
  9. MCIL reserves the right to terminate the Membership at any time without assigning any reason or giving any notice.
  10. Membership shall automatically terminate immediately upon the Member ceasing to be an employee of the Company.
  11. Upon termination of a Membership, all rights, benefits, points and privileges of the member shall immediately cease and all points remaining in the Member's account shall immediately expire and be of no redemption value.


  1. M&C Rewards will have four (4) tiers namely,
    • Member
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Diamond
  2. Each tier status will be valid for a term of twelve (12) months from the date of qualification.
  3. A downgrade or upgrade of status applies when minimum amount of room revenue is attained within a year.
  4. Silver status is the lowest qualification of the tier levels, Member will retain this status for the three (3)-year basis.
  5. MCIL reserves the right to amend the re-qualifying criteria at its discretion.


  1. Points will be awarded only after activation of membership. Only Qualifying Room Rate or corporate meetings/events of minimum qualifying spend at any Participating Hotel(s) will be awarded points. Only qualifying room rate made with our participating hotels’ reservations team and on our official brand website will be eligible. Commissionable bookings and bookings made via third party websites and the Global Distribution System (GDS) will NOT be eligible for any points awarding.
  2. The credit of Points awarded under the Programme shall be to the appointed Member of the Company and only to the Member who made the booking.
  3. For Qualifying Room Rate, points will only be awarded for bookings with minimum one materialised room night stayed. Day-use rooms will not be eligible for points awarding.
  4. To ensure the accurate record of Points, each Member must quote the Membership Number assigned by MCIL to the Company at the time of the making of the booking. MCIL will not accept any responsibility for Points not credited to a Company as a result of a failure in the part of the Member to provide the correct or any Membership Number.
  5. Each Member should keep a record of every booking made by him or her, and shall provide MCIL with a copy of such record upon request by MCIL for verification.
  6. MCIL reserves the right to make such adjustments as it considers appropriate to the Points awarded in respect of any hotel booking or corporate meeting/event to correct any error or to cancel any Points awarded if the booking does not materialise; if the hotel stay is in a room of a category other than that for which the booking was made; if the corporate meeting/event is cancelled. No points will be awarded for room bookings made through third party outside MCIL.
  7. Points earned in the Programme have no monetary value. There will be no exchange of Points for cash. Points are available for use only in redemption of awards under the Programme.
  8. MCIL may at its discretion permit the Company to transfer the Points awarded to him/her to another Member.


  1. Points are valid for 24 months from the month of award or until membership expiry, whichever is sooner.
  2. All Points have an expiry date and use of the Points must occur before that date. Unused Points will lapse upon expiry.
  3. All unused Points awarded to the Member(s) of the Company will be automatically cancelled if the Company ceases to participate in the Programme or if the Programme is terminated. If the Company notifies MCIL that a Member has ceased to be a "Member", all unused Points awarded to that Member shall, on the date of that notice, be cancelled and have no redemption value.
  4. MCIL shall not be required to give the Company or any Member any notice of the cancellation of any Points and shall have no liability for such cancellation.


  1. A Member may login onto the website www.mncrewards.com to check the number of Points credited. Members' login details will be provided upon successful registration.
  2. No hard copy statement will be sent to Members unless requested in writing and at the Member's cost.
  3. The credit of Points will be done on a monthly basis on or about the middle of the month.


  1. Points are redeemable for such rewards and benefits as are set out from time to time in MCIL's prevailing M&C Rewards Membership Programme Catalogue available on the website.
  2. Redemption of rewards shall be submitted via the Internet at www.mncrewards.com.
  3. MCIL will not be responsible for any Points used by the Member in any circumstances and in particular where a Member redeems Points via the website without prior notice to the Company.
  4. Subject to stock availability and the Member possessing the requisite number of available Points, MCIL will issue to the Member the selected reward or benefit. Once MCIL has accepted a redemption request, the redemption shall become final and may not be cancelled or altered.
  5. Benefits awarded under the Programme are not refundable, returnable, exchangeable or replaceable. MCIL will send rewards vouchers by ordinary post to the Member at the risk of the Member.
  6. The use of rewards vouchers must be within the validity period stated on the voucher. If no such period is stated on the voucher, the validity period for a rewards voucher will be six (6) months from the date of its issuance. MCIL shall not provide any compensation for, or re-issue or replace any expired, lost, destroyed or damaged rewards voucher.
  7. A rewards voucher is only useable to obtain the goods, services or benefits described in the reward vouchers. A rewards voucher is not exchangeable for cash. A rewards voucher has no other use. If the selected goods, services or benefits are not available for any reason, MCIL reserves the right to arrange to substitute such goods, services or benefits with alternative goods, services or benefits of similar value.


  1. The issuance of rewards voucher does not constitute a reservation. The Member shall be responsible for making the reservation and shall notify the Participating Hotel that payment will be made with a rewards voucher.
  2. A rewards voucher may specify a face value. The accumulation and use of such vouchers is, in stated circumstances, permitted. If the amount payable to the Participating Hotel exceeds the face value of the rewards voucher(s), the Member shall settle the difference in cash and no further discount is applicable. There will be no refund, in cash, if the amount payable to the Participating Hotel is below the face value of the reward voucher(s).
  3. Rewards vouchers are not valid for use in conjunction with other membership or privilege cards, or during festive celebrations, sales, promotions or for discounted items and other special offers.
  4. In the case of a redemption of overseas accommodation rewards, the Member will have to make their reservations directly with the hotel. Member must produce the voucher upon check-in at the hotel. Any peak period surcharge shall be borne by the Member.
  5. The use of a rewards voucher may be subject to certain restrictions. The redemption procedure and the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the rewards voucher are set forth in the rewards voucher. It is the Member's responsibility to familiarise himself/herself with all applicable restrictions and these Terms and Conditions before using the rewards voucher.
  6. Any additional meals, transportation or accommodation arrangements and any ancillary costs incurred in connection with the use of any rewards voucher will be the sole responsibility of the Member.
  7. The Member shall settle any claim, dispute or question arising in connection with the use of any rewards voucher directly with the Participating Hotel at which the rewards voucher is used.
  8. MCIL is not the supplier or provider of any goods, services or benefits under the Programme. MCIL shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising out of a complaint which the Member may have, against any Participating Hotel (including any failure by the Participating Hotel to honour any rewards voucher), or any complaints about the quality of the goods, services or benefits obtained from such Participating Hotel.


  1. Personal Data - Update of Personal Information
    Each Member is responsible for advising MCIL of any personal information changes. A Member may choose to update his or her personal information via www.mncrewards.com. Data collected in conjunction with the M&C Rewards Programme shall be considered the property of MCIL at all times.
  2. Use of Information Collected
    MCIL may share a Member's data and information which it collects as part of this Programme with its personnel and with the M&C Group or which operate their hotels under a franchise agreement with an M&C Company. MCIL may also share this information with selected third parties who offer goods or services that may be of interest to M&C Rewards Members
  3. Legal Requirements - Disclosure of information
    MCIL will also disclose a Member's data and information, without the Member's permission, if MCIL believes, in good faith, that such disclosures are required by any applicable law or court order or if such disclosures are necessary to investigate activities that may be harmful or injurious to the M&C Group or to the M&C website, to hotel guests, employees, or agents or to any Participating Hotels.
  4. Service Providers
    MCIL relies on third parties to provide services both through the M&C Rewards website and in other communications with Members and potential Members of the Programme. While MCIL generally requires such service providers to conform to these privacy policies and guidelines, MCIL cannot control and shall not be responsible for their conduct if they fail to abide by these policies and guidelines.
  5. Third Party Websites
    MCIL cannot control and is not responsible for the collection of personal information by third-party websites, including websites owned or controlled by hotel room sellers, travel companies, or other distributors or any websites not controlled or authorised by MCIL. Members may be able to access third-party websites through links on the M&C websites. Such third-party websites have their own separate privacy practices. MCIL has no control over and no responsibility or liability for the practices and policies implemented by such third parties on their websites. Certain third-party websites may have received permission from MCIL to use M&C trademarks, but may not provide a link to these Terms and Conditions or to the M&C Privacy Policy and Disclosure. Members should communicate directly with such websites to get information about their privacy practices and policies.
    These Terms and Conditions and the M&C Privacy Policy and Disclosure do not cover customers who enter the M&C websites through links from non-M&C sites, such as those of advertisers or other content providers.
  6. By participating in M&C Rewards, you agree that MCIL and its related corporations (collectively, “M&C Group”) may collect, use and process your personal data for the purposes of conducting M&C Rewards [(including publishing information relating to the winners on various medium such as the newspapers and internet)], sending communications, updates and marketing information to you, conducting market surveys and analysis, and for such other purposes permitted and/or required under applicable law (“Limited Purpose”). You further agree that we may disclose and transfer your personal data to any third party, both within and outside Singapore, for or in connection with the Limited Purpose, or to the extent required in the normal course and scope of our business. This may include disclosure to our third party service providers, auditors, lawyers, consultants, agents, subcontractors or partners.
  7. Without limiting the generality of Clause f, you specifically agree that we may send information about the goods, services, promotions, special offers and/or events of the M&C Group to you, by SMS, telephone calls, faxes, emails and mail.


  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the Programme and all Members' participation in the Programme and as may be amended by MCIL from time to time.
  2. The Company agrees to ensure and procure that each Member shall observe and abide by these Terms and Conditions and shall indemnify MCIL against any loss or damage, cost or expense suffered or incurred by MCIL arising from any Member's failure to observe and abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  3. A Member shall by accepting the award of any Points or in submitting a request to redeem any rewards under the Programme be deemed to have agreed to and to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Company acknowledges and agrees that each Member is awarded Points in his or her personal capacity and for his or her own benefit. The Company has authorised each Member to liaise with MCIL on all matters relating to the Programme (including dealing with the Points awarded under the Programme) and MCIL may accept and act on any instruction or request made by or on behalf of any Member without reference to the Company.
  5. Loss or theft of the Card must be reported immediately to MCIL. There will be no charge for the first replacement card issued to the Member. Subsequent replacement cards will be charged at fifty (50) Points for the second card and one hundred (100) Points thereafter.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform MCIL, in writing, should there be a change in the Company's details or in the details of the Member.
  7. MCIL reserves the right to amend any Member's Points balance to rectify the Points balance of the Member arising due to processing errors.
  8. The M&C Rewards dining discount is valid all year round EXCEPT eves of and on Public Holidays, during special promotions, offers and vouchers; and other special occasions not limited to the following: first three (03) days of Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
  9. MCIL may at its sole discretion modify, suspend or terminate the Programme or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. MCIL will give advanced written notice to the Company and the Member, wherever practicable, of such change, suspension or termination. Any notice published on the Internet at www.mncrewards.com shall constitute adequate notice to the Company and the Member.
  10. MCIL will determine and resolve all questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Programme, the award, transfer or combination of Points or the availability of Points for accrual or redemption of rewards. MCIL's decision shall be final.
  11. MCIL's failure to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions does not constitute a waiver of such Term or Condition.
  12. The law of the participating country shall govern the Programme and these Terms and Conditions.
    If any of these Conditions become void or unenforceable for illegality or otherwise in the country of the Company and/or the Member's domicile, for any reason whatsoever, by operation of law in that country, the Member's participation in this Programme shall immediately lapse and be of no effect and all Points in the Member's account shall be cancelled with immediate effect.